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End of Adobe Connect Life Cycle: Overview

At LSU Information Technology Services, we strive to provide excellent and valued services and support to enable LSU to best reach its missions in teaching and learning, research, and student life. As we strive to be a recognized national leader, we are always evaluating and assessing our current systems and their ability to adequately meet the needs of the LSU community. With recent assentment and research, LSU ITS is now moving away from Adobe Connect to a new web conferencing system, WebEx starting on August 1st. For more information on WebEx, please view: WebEx: LSU Overview.


The timeline for the end of the Adobe Connect life cycle is as follows: 

  • Adobe Connect will be available for LSU users through the end of July 31st. 
    • Note: LSU Online users in the 2nd Summer module will retain
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Welcome to Adobe Connect at Louisiana State University

General Information

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing software that allows CURRENTLY ENROLLED students, currently active faculty and staff of the LSU A&M, Law Center, and Veterinary Medicine campuses to host meetings, teach classes, consult with remote colleagues, invite outside experts into your class, and provide online training for users anytime, anywhere!

Host a Meeting

  • LSU Faculty & Staff:  Request an Account & fill out the on-line Web Form.  (Provides Full-Hosting Privileges.)
  • LSU Students:  Request a Meeting Room, & fill out the on-line Web Form.  (Provides Full-Hosting Privileges.)
           (Allow up to 72-hours for your request to be fulfilled.)

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Attend a Meeting

  • Click the Connect: User Login icon below to login.  (Requires Full-Hosting Privileges or permission to Join a Meeting.)

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Documentation & Support

Help Documentation image

ITS Help Desk
225-578-3375 (578-DESK)

***  Emergencies & Outages can still be reported 24/7.  When the ITS Help Desk is closed, your call will be forwarded to the Network Operations Center (N.O.C.).

Fred Frey- Computing Services Center:    (On the corner of S. Stadium & Tower Drive)
Monday - Friday: 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Information Commons Hours:    (The I.C. is located in 141 Middleton Library) under section "ITS Help Desk"

LSU Libraries Hours:    (Includes Middleton, Special Collections - Hill, Education Resources, Government Documents, Interlibrary Loan, Music Resources & Research Help Desk)

***  The LSU Libraries are Closed on ALL of the HOME Football Games.

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Live Chat with the LSU ITS Help Desk!
Chat Logo To chat with an Analyst, click here.


Office of Disability Services
Laws and FAQs

Office of University Registrar
FERPA Regulations

Connect: General Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing tool with many features that allow users to host and attend meetings. More information can be found on this Adobe page. Adobe Connect has also been known as Adobe Connect Pro and Macromedia Breeze?

How do I start using Adobe Connect?

Start using Adobe Connect by first browsing the Getting Started section of this GROK portal.

What about Adobe Connect & Accessibility for Students With Disabilities?

For students with visual disabilities, Adobe Connect 8 offers keyboard shortcuts as well as limited support for the JAWS and WindowEyes screen-reading software.
For the deaf and hard of hearing, meeting hosts can enable live captioning if they have made prior arrangements with the Office of Disability Services.
For a list of resources that address these topics in greater depth, please visit this GROK article #15231 Connect: Office of Disability Services: Laws and FAQs.

Can Students Host Meetings?

Student requests for host accounts must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Requester is a member of LSU Student Government - (host account will be granted on a semester basis)
  2. Requester is an officer in a Student Academic\Professional Organization registered with LSU Campus Life - (host account will be granted on a semester basis)
  3. Requester is a coordinator of an academic (class)  study group - (meeting room will be created by Connect Administrator)

How Do I Find My Meeting?

If you've lost the link to your meeting room, you can find a listing of all of your meetings and their URLs by logging into Adobe Connect Central and clicking the Meetings tab. View the GROK article #15085 Connect: Adobe Connect Central for Hosts and Presenters for more information.

What If I Lost My Password?

In order to reset your password, go to and click Forgot Password?
If you have further login trouble, please visit the following GROK article: myLSU: Login Trouble.

Helpful Links

Connect: Getting Started with Adobe Connect Meetings

Connect: Inviting Attendees


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