Connect: Enable Access for Assistive Devices (Mountain Lion & Earlier)

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General Information

If you are using Adobe Connect on a Mac computer with OSX and you select the options to share an application or window, you will be prompted to turn on the Enable Access for Assistive Devices setting.

Begin Sharing an Application or Window

1. Click the Share My Screen menu in the center of your meeting area. Then select the Share My Screen option.

NOTE: Be sure the layout is set to Sharing, rather Discussion or Collaboration.

screenshot of icon for screen sharing

2. A small window will pop up asking you what you want to share. If you select either the Applications or Windows options, you may be prompted to enable access for assistive devices.

To do this, click on the Enable Access button.

screenshot of enable screen sharing options.

3. This will open the Universal Access settings in your System Preferences. Click the box for Enable Access for Assistive Devices. You do not have to save this setting. It will be immediately activated.

screenshot of the "enable access" menu options.

4. Click the red circle icon in the upper right corner of the Systems Preferences window to close it. You will then be returned to your Adobe Connect Meeting. Click the Share My Screen icon again and select the Share My Screen option.

screenshot of the share my screen options.


5. Now you can select the options to share an application or window. First click the radio button for either Applications or Windows, depending on what you want to share.

Then choose the application or window you would like to share by clicking on its box on the left side of the checklist.

Click the Share button at the bottom to show the application or window to your meeting attendees.

screenshot of the share applications menu            or           screenshot of the share window menu

6. When you are ready to stop the screen sharing feature, click on the Adobe Connect icon in menu bar in the top right of your screen.

Select the Stop Screen Sharing option.

screenshot of the stop screen sharing command.

You can also stop the sharing process by clicking on the Stop Sharing icon in the center of your meeting space.

screenshot of the icon for "stop sharing" desktop


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